Construction (CTE)


Introduction to Construction Careers                9-10
Construction Technology I                             10-12
Construction Technology II                            11-12

Introduction to Construction Careers                                                                        
½ credit
Grades: 9-10
Description:  Students will be introduced to many careers in the managing, and building industries.  Coursework will include these career areas:  general contractor/builder, construction manager, project manager, construction foreman, carpenter, subcontractor, construction craft laborer, electrician, carpenter, concrete finisher, mason, roofer, plumber, pipe fitter, and drywall installer. Students will be introduced to many of the tools used in woodworking and the construction field.  Students will be taught general shop and tool safety.

Construction Technology I
                                                                                                1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Description: Students will learn about materials of the construction industry including lumber and manufactured products.  Students will build a project or projects that will allow them to improve their tool and woodworking skills.

Construction Technology II
                                                                                              2 credits
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisites: Construction Tech I
Description: This course is designed to teach the use of woodworking machines and hand tools necessary for the construction of a residential dwelling.  Classroom instruction as well as practical application is included.