2020 Graduation Announcement

2020 Graduation Announcement
Posted on 05/14/2020

We will be graduating on May 24th at 2:00, at the Williston High School Campus. There are two options. Both options only allow for 2 guests per graduate. The graduates will pick up their 2 tickets starting next week. Both of these options will also be livestreamed by the WPSD#1 tech department, and audio will be done by Coyote Radio and KEYZ. Both plans were run by, and okayed, by the Williams County District Health Unit.

OPTION A is to have the graduation in the football stadium. The graduates will sit in the bleachers, on the east side. The guests would be sitting on the track, coming in from the parking lot entrance, down to the track. The stage will be set up right below the bleachers, on the track apron. We would do the whole ceremony right there. If it is windy, the speakers and announcer can go into the press box, so that wind isn’t heard over the microphone. We would release by row, back out the entrance, after all hand rails have been wiped down by maintenance staff.

If the weather is bad, then we go to OPTION B. This involves the ceremony taking place in the theater, with just a few people, and the graduates waiting in their cars, in the parking lot. The graduates and their guests will watch/listen to the ceremony in their cars, and then when it is time for the granting of the diplomas, they will come into the school via door 5/6, with their 2 guests. They will walk towards the theater, into the theater, receive their diploma, out the theater, through the commons, and out door 10, back to their vehicles. The ceremony will continue, and end, with the graduates in their vehicles.

We will determine what plan to use on Saturday, May 23, and send it out via social messaging.

A more detailed letter giving specific information for each plan will be sent out early next week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these trying times,

Principal Germundson