Senior Picture Requirements

Dear Senior Parents and Guardians,

In preparation for your student’s senior year, we want to make sure to get you important dates and deadlines for senior pictures as the school year begins. We understand that senior year is a busy time for you and your student, and we want to help some of the stress by providing these deadlines now.

WHS uses senior pictures for the yearbook, individual press releases, and the Williston Herald and Bismarck Tribune senior sections. Our goal for these public outlets is to have a unifying appearance of all the senior pictures. Therefore, we are providing some guidelines for outside picture submissions.

Williston High School Senior Picture Requirements for YEARBOOK and PRESS RELEASES:

  • Due date: December 11th (but earlier is preferred if you have them ready)

    • No photos will be accepted after this date -- your LifeTouch/School ID photo will be used.

  • Photos should be waist up or closer.

  • No hands above the head.

  • Photo must be vertical.

  • No watermark, logo, blurry, grainy, or stamped photos allowed.

  • Both eyes must be visible.

  • No selfies.

  • Style of clothing and the picture in general must be in good taste/school appropriate.

  • Digital JPG submission to or via flash drive.

Thank you! Please contact the school with any questions or concerns!