The Counseling department at Williston High School is here to help you with a multitude of things. We are available to assist with:

  • Social and emotional development
  • Academic achievement
  • College and career planning
  • Transcript management
  • Or anything else you want to talk about!

Our mission to help all WHS students adjust to stress and challenges of being in high school as much as possible. We understand whether you are a straight-A student who is breezing through high school, someone who has just moved to Williston and doesn't know many people yet, or someone who is not succeeding academically, there are always times you might want someone to talk to.

Our door is always open. We are here to help.

This section of the website contains:

Contact the Counselors

Our counselors are organized by grade level, with each counselor responsible for one grade.

Meghan Mock Freshman Counselor 701-572-0967 ext. 1206
Erik Olson Sophomore Counselor 701-572-0967 ext. 1209
Brent Lysne Junior Counselor 701-572-0967 ext. 1208
Haley Jeannotte Senior Counselor 701-572-0967 ext. 1207