Most Universities require 3 or 4 credits including biology, physical science, and chemistry. Standards and benchmarks can be discussed with any instructor or viewed at the ND State Department of public Instruction website.


Biology I                                                               9
Honors Physical Science                                      9-10
Horticulture                                                        9-12

Physical Science                                                 10-12 
AP Biology                                                         10-12
Chemistry I                                                      10-12
Environmental Science                                      10-12
Advanced Placement Chemistry                           11-12
AP Physics 1                                                 11-12

Anatomy and Physiology                                   11-12
Astronomy                                                       11-12
Biology II                                                        11-12
Earth Science                                                   11-12
Ecology/Environmental Science                          11-12
Forensic Science I                                             11-12
Forensic Science II                                            11-12
Physics                                                            11-12
AP Physics 1                                                 11-12

Biology                                                                                                                            1 credit
Grades: 9
Description:  Biology is the study of life. During this course students will investigate biological systems at the molecular, cellular, and microbiological level. Hands-on laboratory exercises incorporating cellular biology, genetics, DNA technology, evolution, and ecology will be performed to assist students in their understanding.

Honors Physical Science                                                                     
1 credit
Grades: 9-10
Prerequisite: Algebra I
Description:  Honors Physical Science is an advanced course which emphasizes application of concepts and science skills. Students will utilize laboratory activities, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. This course is one semester of physics and one semester of chemistry.
½ credit
Grades  9-12
Description: This course introduces students to the major divisions in the horticulture industry and touches on the  potential career paths. In depth topics include plant anatomy, plant taxonomy, soils, greenhouse/ nursery production and landscape design

Physical  Science                                                                                                               1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Description: Physical Science involves the study of the structures and states of matter. Typically (but not always) offered as introductory survey courses, they may include such topics as forms of energy, wave phenomenon, electromagnetism, and physical and chemical interactions.

Advanced Placement  Biology                                                                                             1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite: Biology or Honors Physical Science
Description:  AP Biology is an introductory college-level biology course. Students cultivate their understanding of biology through inquiry-based investigations as they explore topics like evolution, energetics, information storage and transfer, and system interactions. This class is offered with the ability to take the AP Biology test in May for possible college credit. 

Chemistry I                                                                                                                    
1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite: Algebra I, not failed Physical Science (1/2 or 1 credit)
Description:  Chemistry deals principally with the properties of substances, the changes they undergo, and the natural laws that describe these changes.

1/2-1 credit
Grades: 10-12 (summer before 10th grade year to summer before 12th grade year)
Description: Ecology provides students with a basic understanding of living things. Topics covered may include ecology and environmental problems such as overpopulation and pollution as well as cells, types of organisms, evolutionary behavior, and inheritance. This is a summer school class that requires time spent in the outdoors.

Environmental Science
1/2 credit
Grades: 10-12
Description:  Environmental Science examines the mutual relationships between organisms and their environment. In studying the interrelationships among plants, animals, and humans, this course usually covers the following subjects: photosynthesis, recycling and regeneration, ecosystems, population and growth studies, pollution, and conservation of natural resources.

Advanced Placement Chemistry
1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Chemistry and Algebra II
Description:  AP Chemistry is an introductory college-level chemistry course. It covers the fundamental concepts of chemistry including structure and states of matter, intermolecular forces, and reactions. You’ll do hands-on lab investigations and use chemical calculations to solve problems.

Advanced Placement Physics 1 
1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra II (or currently enrolled/taking)
Description:  AP Physics 1 is an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics course. Students cultivate their understanding of physics through classroom study, in-class activity, and hands-on, inquiry-based laboratory work as they explore concepts like systems, fields, force interactions, change, conservation, and waves.

Anatomy and Physiology                                                                                                  
1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology and Physical Science
Description:  Physiology examines all major systems, tissues, and muscle groups in the human body to help students understand how these systems interact and their role in maintaining homeostasis. This course may also cover such topics as cell structure and function, metabolism, and the human life cycle.

½ credit
Grades  11-12
Description: An exploration of the current understandings in the field of astronomy including our place in the universe, space/time continuum, gravity, and space travel.

Biology II                                                                                                 
1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology
Description:  Biology II covers biological systems in more detail. Topics that may be explored include cell organization, function, and reproduction; energy transformation; human anatomy and physiology; and the evolution and adaptation of organisms.

Earth Science                                                                                                                   1 credit

Grades: 11-12
Description:  Earth Science is a course that collectively seeks to understand the Earth and its neighbors in space. The main purpose of Earth Science is to introduce students to the Earth and the intricate working of our Earth’s systems. Weather, volcanos, earthquakes, rocks and minerals, oceanography, environmental issues and astronomy are all covered as part of this class.


Forensic Science I

½ credit
Grades  11-12
Description: Forensic Science I: Fall Semester. The field of forensic science draws from a number of scientific branches, including physics, chemistry, and biology, with its focus being on the recognition, identification, and evaluation of physical evidence. This course is for students interested in learning about the science involved in criminal investigations. Topics include observation skills, crime-scene investigation, evidence collection, hair analysis, fingerprints, DNA profiling, and blood.


Forensic Science II
½ credit
Grades  11-12
Prerequisite: Forensic Science I
Description: Topics include forensic toxicology, handwriting analysis, forensic entomology, death (manner, cause, and mechanism), and firearms and ballistics.

Physics                                                                                                                            1 1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra II (or currently enrolled/taking)
Description: Physics is an algebra-based introductory high school class.  Students focus on applying previous math and science skills to learn about kinematics, dynamics, circular motion, waves and electricity.  Students also learn about the history of physics and the scientists who shaped the field as we know it.