Health Sciences (CTE)


Introduction to Health Careers                         10-12
Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries               11-12
Certified Nursing Assistant                               11-12
Health Careers                                                11-12
Medical Terminology                                       11-12
Emergency Medical Services                             12

Introduction to Health Careers
1 credit
Grades:  10-12
Description: The Introduction to Health Careers program is an introduction course to subject matter that pertains to medically related careers. This introduction course is to help students interested in the medical field in determining if a medical career is appropriate for their interests and capabilities. This course will cover subject matter such as History of Medicine, Health Care Systems, Careers in Healthcare and Career Exploration, Personal Qualities and Employability Skills, Safety in Healthcare, and Legalities and Ethics in Healthcare.
Note: This is a year-long class.


Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
½ credit
Grades: 10-12
Prerequisites: Health
Description:   Through classroom engagement and hands-on learning students will become familiar with an introduction to the concepts relevant to sports medicine. Students will learn to: prevent, recognize, treat, and evaluate immediate care of athletic injuries; professional standards (i.e. professionalism & confidentiality-HIPAA) as well as some basic employability skills; basic anatomy & physiology in relation to subject matter as well as some pathologies in relation to subject matter; some hands-on-activities will include basics of taping/wrapping/bracing & first aid/CPR/AED.

Certified Nursing Assistant
½ credit
Grades:  11-12
Prerequisite: Age 16+
Description: This course is offered as a dual college credit through Williston State College. The program provides classroom instruction and clinical practice to prepare the student for employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in a skilled nursing facility, acute care facility or home health care. Upon completion, students are eligible to take the required State certification exam to become a CNA.
NOTE: Dual credit course

Health Careers                                                                                                              2 credits
Grades:  11-12
Prerequisite: Students must complete application from the office, Careers In Health instructor or counselor (16 students per class)
Description: The Careers in Health program will introduce students to a wide variety of health care fields as well as core skills needed for entry level employment in a health care environment.  Certifications obtained will include CPR and First Aid. 
Note: This course meets for 2 hours per day each semester.

Medical Terminology                                                                                                        ½ credit
Grades:  11-12
Prerequisite: Age 16+
Description: This course is offered as a dual college credit through Williston State College. In this course students will develop skills necessary for decoding commonly used medical terms. Students will learn the meaning of prefixes, suffixes, & word roots. This medical terminology course covers the basic knowledge & understanding of medical language & terminology used by healthcare professionals. This course requires students to do a lot of independent work & good time management.
Note: This course is dual college credit


Emergency Medical Technician                                                                                       
2 credits
Grades:  12
*Must be 18 by the last day of school

Description: Students enrolling in this course will complete training in CPR for Health Care Providers and the Nationals Curriculum Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Course. The course prepares the student to respond to a wide range of emergencies such as heart attacks, auto accidents, and diabetic problems. Students participate in extensive “hands-on” practical sessions using modern prehospital care equipment under the instruction of paramedics from the local paramedic service. Upon completion of the course, students are eligible for ND State licensure testing and they will have extensive knowledge and experience to aid them in choosing a health care career.
***Application required***