World Languages

Two years of a world language are recommended, sometimes required, to attend a four-year university.  Entrance requirements in out-of-state universities and/or colleges may be different.  It is the responsibility of the students/parent/guardian to research the requirements for post-secondary education.  Students may have the opportunity to take a guided and supervised trip to a foreign country.


French I                           9-12
French II                          9-12
French III                        10-12
French IV                         11-12
French Honor Society         12
European Exchange           11-12

Spanish I                          9-12
Spanish II                        10-12
Spanish III                       11-12
Spanish IV                        12
Heritage Spanish               9-12



French I
Grades: 9-12
Description:  Begin learning the beautiful language of French and all about French and Francophone cultures through authentic materials, including a TV series out of Quebec, classic French and African fairy tales and folklore stories, and reading passages and songs from around the French speaking world. Grammatically, emphasis is put on vocabulary and the present tense, with units on fashion and clothing, weather, French food, your dream house, and many more!

French II
1 credit
Grades:  9-12
Description:  Continue learning about French culture and language through authentic reading materials and TV series, French films, and many types of games, including Jeopardy, Bingo, Race to Paris, Boggle, and more!       Study French art and choose an artist to mimic through a painting and presentation, practice ordering at a French café through a skit, and demonstrate your knowledge of a Francophone country or region through a brochure to a French-speaking destination you’d love to visit! Grammatically, emphasis is placed on the past, future, and conditional tenses and a continued study of vocabulary with units on technology, dining out and more French food, travel, and many more!

French III                                                                                            
1 credit
Grades:  10-12
Description:   Read authentic materials such as La barbe du Géant (the Giant’s Beard) and La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast), watch the French Friends-like sitcom Extra, and engage in conversation in French with less emphasis on specific grammar features and greater emphasis placed on vocabulary and fluid conversation.


French IV
1 credit
Grades 12
Description:  Continue your journey to becoming fluent in French with lots of conversation, a reading of the classic French tale Le comte de Monte Cristo (The Count of Monte Cristo), a study of French slang and texting language, as well as an exploration of current and historical events that shape the Francophone world through the mediums of film, TV, music, literature, and art.

French Honor Society
Grade: 12
Seniors who have taken three of four consecutive years of French and who have shown dedication to learning the language and culture and who have earned high marks in French can earn membership to the prestigious national French Honor Society (SHF). Members are inducted into the SHF in the spring of their senior year and are recognized at graduation as well as in the annual list of inductees put out by the American Association of Teachers of French. Currently, Williston High School has the only SHF chapter in North Dakota!

European Exchange
½ credit
Grades 11-12
Description: French students have the opportunity to participate in the European Exchange and take a guided trip to Belgium, France, Monaco, and Germany!


Spanish I
1 credit

Grades: 9-12
Description:  This is the first step in the language learning process! In this course, students use the language authentically, communicating in real-life situations from the beginning of the course. They learn pronunciation and basic grammar and vocabulary, primarily through use of comprehensible input. Basic skills of language understanding are learned: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Emphasis is on communication in interpersonal situations.  Culture is an integral part of the course.


Spanish II                                                                                                                       1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Prerequisite: Spanish 1 with a B average or higher
Description:  Continue the process toward communicating in another language! Students continue to learn the language through its use in realistic contexts with more complex grammatical structures. Additional listening, speaking, writing and reading skills are acquired through practice with authentic materials and in real-life situations. Students give presentations, read short stories, watch films, and write to increase fluency in the language. The study of customs and culture is an integral part of the course. The curriculum emphasizes more challenging use of the language.

Spanish III                                                                                                                      1 credit
Grades: 11-12
Pre-requisite: Spanish 1 & 2 with a B average or higher
Description: The journey continues! Emphasis is on all four skills of communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students continue to work toward mastery of the essential elements of grammar and development of a sufficient vocabulary to use the language proficiently in many situations via comprehensible input. Reading skills continue development with authentic materials. Students’ writing skills become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Students continue to develop global awareness and prepare to function as world citizens.

Spanish  IV
1 credit
Grades: 12
Pre-requisite: Spanish 1, 2, & 3 with a B average or higher
Description: Put the language to use! Students practice using the language in authentic ways. Oral communication is practiced with a variety of materials. Students broaden their appreciation of culture through the study of current and historical events, literature and film.

Heritage Spanish
                                                                                                          1 credit
Grades: 9-12
Pre-requisite:  Should have at least a low level of reading and writing ability in Spanish and be fluent in Spanish.
Description: This course is designed to develop and challenge students’ ability in speaking, reading, writing, listening and cultural understanding in Spanish. Spanish-speaking students will study Spanish in an academic and creative setting similar to the way native English-speaking students study English language arts.