English 9                                                                9
English 9 Developmental                                         9
Honors English                                                       9
English 9 Block                                                       9
World Studies (English 9 + World History)                 9

English 10                                                             10
English 10 Developmental                                       10
Honors English 10                                                  10

English 11                                                             11
English 11 Developmental                                       11
Advanced Placement Language & Composition          11
American Pageant (Block English 11/US History)        11

English 12                                                             12
English 12 Developmental                                       12
Advanced Placement Literature & Composition          12
College Prep Composition                                       12
English Technical Writing & Prep                             12

Myths and Legends                                            9-12
Creative Writing                                               10-12
Film Study                                                       10-12 
Journalism                                                       10-12
Yearbook                                                        10-12
Science Fiction                                                 10-12
College Learning Lab - English 12                           12

English 9                                                                                                                         1 credit
Grades: 9
Description: Students will learn about the functions of conflict and the elements of a hero's journey along with vocabulary, writing/reading skills, and prioritized standards.

English 9 Developmental                                                                                                  1 credit
Grade: 9
Description: This English class combines the English 9 reading, writing and grammar curriculum with reading and writing strategies to help students develop and maintain grade level skills.

Honors English 9                                                                                                              1 credit
Grade: 9
Description: This course meets the same curricular objectives as English 9; with reading, assignments, and overall pacing that are designed for the advanced student. The intent is to prepare students for Honors English 10 and AP courses. Assignments and activities in this course are focused around  literary analysis and development of expository/academic writing. 

English 9 Block                                                                                             
1 credit
Grade: 9
Description: This English class combines the English 9 reading, writing and grammar curriculum with reading and writing strategies to help students develop and maintain grade level skills. Students taking this class will have English for two periods during one semester and take World History Block during the same two periods, the other semester. 

World Studies
2 credits
Class Type: Alternative for English 9 and World History
Grade: 9


English 10                                                                                                                       1 credit
Grade: 10
Description: English 10 strengthens major language arts skills such as vocabulary, grammar mechanics and usage, literature, research literacy, composition, and oral communication skills. Students will develop these skills through reading fiction, non-fiction, and poetry and through writing different written and oral research projects.

English 10 Developmental                                                                                                1 credit
Grade: 10
Description: This English class combines the English 10 reading, writing and grammar curriculum with reading and writing strategies to help students develop and maintain grade level skills.

Honors English 10                                                                                                            1 credit
Grade: 10
Description: Honors English 10 students will focus on major language arts skills such as vocabulary development, research literacy, composition, standardized grammar/usage/mechanics, oral communication skills, literature, literary analysis, and media literacy. Activities will range from individual to those focused on team-building skills. This course is strongly recommended for those who are college-bound or AP English-bound.


English 11                                                                                                    
1 credit
Grade: 11
Description: English 11 strengthens students' understanding of American literature and its connection to American history. Students write for a variety of purposes including objective summaries, narratives, multi-paragraph responses/essays using appropriate formatting. Students will develop writing skills to comfortably adapt writing to suit the task/audience as well as determine claims, counterclaims, and rebuttals in argumentative writing.  ACT preparations and practice included throughout this course.

English 11 Developmental                                                                                                1 credit
Grade: 11
Description: This English class involves a plethora of strategies to help students develop and maintain grade-level reading and writing skills.

AP Language & Composition 11
1 credit
Grade: 11
Description: The purpose of AP Language and Composition is to help students “write effectively and confidently in their college courses across the curriculum and in their professional and personal lives” (College Board, AP English Course Description, 2010, p. 7). In addition to providing extensive writing practice, this course focuses on nonfiction reading and analysis, with the goal of increasing college readiness. In addition, students have the option to take the AP Exam in May, which could result in college credit (depending on the score and intended college).


American Pageant
2 credits
Grade: 11
Description: American Pageant integrates the study of U.S. History and American Literature. This cross-curricular course focuses on reading, writing and critical thinking. Emphasizing collaboration, inquiry and multidisciplinary study, the course aims for an immersive, transformative experience. This year-long course meets for a double period and fulfills the junior year requirements for both English (American Literature) and Social Studies (U.S. History).


English 12                                                                                                                       1 credit
Grade: 12
Description: English 12 is a yearlong required course that will enable students to become skilled readers of wide range of literature, including prose, poetry, and short stories. Students are expected to read and respond to a variety of literature, independently, in group discussion and in writing. All facets of language arts - listening, speaking, reading, writing will be covered. The study of language in use – grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and usage will be incorporated in this yearlong course as well. Students will also work on career/college writing, as well as a job shadow experience and a career related research paper in the spring.

English 12 Developmental                                                                                                
1 credit
Grade: 12
Description: This English class involves a plethora of strategies to help students develop and maintain grade-level reading and writing skills.

College Prep Composition                                                                                
Grades: 12
FALL SEMESTER (Spring semester sign up for College Composition I or II @ WSC)
Description: College Prep Composition reinforces the logic and critical-thinking skills that accompany good writing, these courses—which emphasize word choice, usage, and writing mechanics—provide continued and advanced instruction in writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. This course meets English 12 requirements as well as prepares students to take Composition I or II at Williston State College. 

College Composition I or II (Dual Credit @ WSC)                                                                1/2 credit
Grade: 12
Prerequisite: College Prep Composition
Description: College Composition courses are taken on Williston State College campus. Students taking Comp I or II must receive an A in College Prep Composition. Upon completion of College Comp I or II, students must request their college transcript be sent to Williston High School prior to graduation. College Comp I requires WSC application, fee, and extra steps in order to successfully sign up for the course. English ACT score of 18+ in order to take College Comp I OR receive AP Language/Composition score of 3+ junior year.
Ask an English teacher or Mrs. Jeannotte for more details.

English 12 Technical Writing & Prep                                                                               
1 credit
Grade: 12
Description: This course focuses on writing, reading, and communication skills in business and practical applications. This is a great course for students who are planning on going directly into the workforce after high school. Note: This course does not satisfy the NCAA Language Arts requirement.  


AP Literature & Composition                                                                                     
1 credit
Grade: 12
Description:  This particular AP English course focuses on fiction and all forms of literature including novels, prose, and poetry. The course also enhances writing and persuasive techniques - the bulk being literary analysis. It is a challenging course; however, if a four year college path is on the horizon, students should take the course in preparation. Advanced placement courses follow the College Board standard of what prepares students for college. The exam in May could earn students college English credit or exempt them from certain composition or humanities courses, depending on their earned score.  


Myths and Legends
½ credit
Grades: 9-12
Description: Myths and Legends is a predominantly project-based elective course that covers the myths and legends of   several different world cultures, including Greco-Roman, Norse, African, Egyptian, Asian, Latin American, and Native American, among others.

Creative Writing                                                                                                              ½ credit
Grades: 10-12
Description: Creative Writing is an elective course where students develop their writing skills through a series of prompts that cross genres and styles.


Film Study                                                                                                                       ½ credit
Grades: 11-12
Description: Film Study is a course focusing on the appreciation of films from the silent era to as close to the modern era as possible. Students will learn how to watch films using a film critic's point of view.  Students will also be using terms that are used in the film industry.  A love of movies and an ability to discuss films will help. Must be familiar with MLA format.


Grades: 10-12
Description:    In this media-based journalism class, students will gain an understanding of website design, video editing, content production/marketing, media communications, and journalism terminology. Students can learn multiple aspects of journalism (photojournalism, broadcast/video production, newswriting, and social media) or choose to focus on one specialty. Content is delivered through hands-on practice as well as targeted learning videos/assignments. Students will produce and maintain the student news website (whshowl.org), social media accounts (Instagram @whshowl and FB @WHS Journalism), the announcements, and a literature magazine.

Science Fiction                                                                                                                 ½ credit
Grades: 10-12
Description: Science Fiction is a course that focuses on the history, types , and the social affects of science fiction.  We will be watching films, reading stories, writing original science fiction stories, and creating unique projects that represent symbols of science fiction.  We will also be "geeking out" to certain pieces of science fiction.  Must be familiar with MLA format.


1 credit
Grades: 10-12
Description: Yearbook students produce the WHS Yearbook. Students will manage all aspects of the yearbook including photography, page design, theme development, marketing skills, copy writing, and editing. Students will also have the opportunity to manage the yearbook social media presence, which includes the WHS Yearbook Facebook and Instagram pages. Students are required to attend a minimum of one activity outside school hours to ensure coverage for the yearbook. Outside work time may be required to achieve the deadlines.

College Learning Lab-  English 12 (College Readiness in English & Math)                                  
1 credit
Grades: 12
Does NOT meet English 12 requirement!
Description:  College Learning Lab-English focuses on preparing the student for collegiate studies, specifically to Freshman English. The student will be engaged in educational experiences regarding effective listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Upon completion of this course, students are able to take College Composition I for college credit in a college/university in North Dakota.