Energy (CTE)


Introduction to Energy Careers                          9-10
Oil Exploration and Careers                               10-12
Petroleum Industry Skills                                  11-12

Introduction to Energy Careers                                                                        
½ credit
Grades:  9-10
Description:  This course will introduce students to many forms of energy and career opportunities in these areas. Topics will include, but not limited to, petroleum, wind, solar, and hydro.

Oil Exploration and Careers                             
Grades:  10-12
Description: This course will cover many different careers and employment opportunities in the Petroleum Industry, primarily in the Williston Basin in North Dakota. Content will depend on the makeup of each class, and where students’ preferences and interests lie. There will be class discussions, guest speakers, and field trips to local petroleum industry companies.


Petroleum Industry Skills
1 credit
Grades:  10-12
Description:  This course begins with the history of the petroleum industry worldwide, concentrating in the United States and North Dakota. The course will follow the life of an oil and gas well, from the initial planning (geology, leasing, permitting), to drill site construction, drilling, and well completions and workovers. The course also addresses transportation, marketing, and chemical processing industries. And finally, the course will address plugging and abandoning, and reclamation. The importance of safety as well as environmental issues are also discussed, and OSHA 10 and H2S training and certification will be made to Junior and Senior students. Also, current event topics of the oil industry will be discussed freely in this class as it relates to the scheduled subject or chapter.