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According to latest US census report, swimming ranks the 4th most popular sport in the United States. Swimming is not mainstream and is certainly not glamorous. Then why is it so popular?

Swimming is great for self-esteem. Not only does a swimmer see the tremendous benefits of her efforts when looking in the mirror; a swimmer does not have to worry about the politics of making a team, earning a position or becoming a starter. A novice swimmer participates in the environment and with the same opportunities as an advanced swimmer.

Social benefits: 

Swimmers are notoriously “unique”. Especially in Williston, we promote a culture of allowing individuals to express themselves. The affinity for doing so is a natural consequence of the stress-relief and increased confidence achieved by swimming. We guarantee each of our athletes is treated with value and respect. Everybody on the team has their niche.

The sport has minimal risk for traumatic head injury and the “zero-gravity” aquatic environment is low-impact on muscles and joints. At the same time, water is high-resistance, creating a total body workout that sculpts a person’s body (see Michael Phelps).

Swimming also improves coordination and cardio. While swimming, a person will use around 2/3 of his or her skeletal muscle at any given time. Not only does this generate superior body control and movement, it increases your body’s demand for oxygen. As a result, cardio fitness improves dramatically, VO2 max is enhanced and more calories are burned both during and after your workout.

Personal Responsibility: 

In swimming, you cannot blame your teammates or referees for poor performance. This dynamic forces an athlete to take responsibility for his/her own training, performance and path to personal improvement. To be successful in swimming (or even to survive a season) an athlete must learn and exercise great discipline, self-motivation and determination.

Girls Swim and Dive Head Coach

Head Coach Joe Kemp graduated from Williston High School with a 4.0 GPA and was a member of the school's Band, Jazz Band, FBLA, PSI, Golf, Swim & Dive and Cross Country Programs. In the three sports, Kemp spent six seasons as Team Captain. He was a member of Clint Chamberlin's 2004 State Champion Cross Country team and between Cross Country and Swim & Dive, earned four individual State Runner Ups and made seven All-State Teams.

After graduating, Kemp attended University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. He was recruited to swim, but instead joined the Track and Cross Country program. Kemp graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. He spent four years working in mental health before returning to Williston to work in the new recreation center's Aquatics Department. Kemp is the Supervisor of the Aquatics Department as well as Head Coach for the Boys and Girls Swim & Dive Programs.

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