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The Chess Club is a meeting of all students who are interested in Chess. Anyone can come and learn to play. If you already know how to play, you can come and hone your skills. You can learn new openings and strategies. The Coyote Chess Club has been meeting for the past 15 years.

The Chess Club started as a loosely formed group of ruffians and nerds who would meet one lunch period per week and play chess. We are, however, moving into a new phase and hope to attend a few tournaments this school year, as well as challenge other clubs at other schools.

We will meet this year on Tuesdays during lunch period and sometimes after school. The after school meetings will be announced.

To join just bring your lunch down the hall toward the gym, find a table, a chessboard, a partner, and play.

“Chess, like love, like music, has the ability to make us happy."Siegbert Tarrasch

Chess Club Advisor

The Chess Club adviser is Jonathan Abuhl, who learned chess at about age five from his grandpa. You can contact him at

"I enjoy seeing the growth and development of the students at WHS because of chess and its benefits."—Jonathan Abuhl

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