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BYOD - Dear Coyote Parents

4 months ago

July, 2017


Dear Coyote Parents,

We are excited to continue our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program which places technology directly into our students’ hands. In today’s age, technology plays an important role in helping to ensure the future success of our students. The BYOD program has become a common option utilized in educational environments across the nation. 

Devices are required for English, Social Studies, and Science and may also be used in other subject areas.

Please Note the updated device requirements below.  The school district is discontinuing its rental and purchase program.  The cost for devices continues to decrease and there are now great options available, such as the Nook by Barnes & Noble at only $49!

Device Requirements:

  • A minimum 7” screen
  • An attached or wireless keyboard

Recommended Devices:

  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • Chromebook
  • Windows Laptop
  • iPad
  • Android tablet (Nook; Samsung Galaxy)

Devices that Do Not Meet Device Requirements:

  • Devices smaller than 7".

Be sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions about BYOD and What to Buy sections. If you have questions about device hardware or what to buy, please contact For all other questions, contact


The student will be solely responsible for any equipment that he/she brings to school.  Williston Public School District #1 is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen equipment.

What to Buy

4 months ago

With devices costing as little as $49, Williston High School is no longer offering a program to rent or buy a device through the school.  A limited number of devices will be available for daily checkout on a first come first serve basis.  If you have any questions, please contact the Williston Public School District #1 Tech Department ( or 701-713-7490).

Purchase from your preferred vendor or online

Here are some suggested devices that will meet the hardware requirements for your student's device. This is intended as a guide only in helping you select a device, although any devices listed will meet requirements. Prices vary in each category, so you're encouraged to check them all out.




  • Microsoft Surface (must purchase keyboard cover)
  • iPad Pro (must purchase keyboard.
  • Traditional laptops with the following minimum specs:
  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 100GB Storage
  • Windows or Mac OS

Frequently Asked Questions about BYOD

4 months ago

What is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?
For purposes of BYOD, “Device” means a privately owned wireless and/or portable electronic hand held equipment that can be used for word processing, wireless Internet access, image capture/recording, sound recording and information transmitting/receiving/storing, etc.

What is the goal of BYOD?
Williston Public School District #1 strives to educate with the highest level of technology. Students will use their devices to complete in-class activities, complete homework, collaborate in real time, research for projects, access websites with curriculum-related content, keep track of classroom assignments, and other approved instructional activities.

Is it required that my child has his/her own device?
BYOD is a required program and students are required to have a device.

Who is allowed to bring a device to school?
Any Williston High School student whose parent/guardian has signed the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Personal Student Laptop/Tablet Use Agreement” form.

Does WPSD#1 provide any technical support for my child’s device?
WPSD#1 will provide support needed to install required apps, but will not provide support for hardware or other software/application needs.

I’m worried that my child’s device will get damaged. What can I do to lessen that chance?
We recommend using a protective case and purchasing accidental damage coverage from your vendor or insurance provider; WPSD#1 assumes no responsibility for damage. Your local insurance agent may have options for coverage available under your home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policies.

How will theft, loss, or damage of a personally owned device be handled in a school?
Responsibility to keep the device secure rests with the individual owner. WPSD#1 is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus. If a device is stolen or damaged, it will be handled through the administrative office similar to other personal artifacts. It is recommended that labels and other school appropriate custom touches be used to physically identify the device from others.

Will my child be able to charge their device while at school?
WPSD#1 cannot guarantee the availability of any power outlets and/or opportunities to charge devices.

Will the device be protected with Internet Content Filtering?
To facilitate instruction and practice internet safety, WPSD#1’s internet connection is protected by an internet content filter. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered regardless of the device used to access it while in a public school. Students are only allowed to use the WPSD#1 WiFi internet connection with their BYOD device while on WPSD#1 property.

What document governs the use of BYOD within WPSD#1?
The student use of a device on the premises of WPSD#1 is subject to all guidelines, rules and regulations governing acceptable use as established by the WPSD#1 School Board, Acceptable Use Policy as stated in the Student Handbook (and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Personal Student Laptop/Tablet Use Agreement. If a student is not following the developed guidelines for the use of his or her personally owned device, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with WPSD#1 policies.

Will students be able to print?
Students will not have the capability to print from their devices in school.

Are students able to record teachers or classmates (audio or video) or take a photograph?
With the permission of the teacher or administrator, students can make recordings or take a photograph. The use of such recordings or photos is restricted to classroom projects as authorized by the teacher and highlighted under the FERPA policy opt-out option C.

Can a student use another student’s device?
Because of the inherent nature of personally owned devices, devices should only be used by the owner of the device. In addition, having physical access to a personal device also provides access to personal information (emails, text messages, etc).

Is virus protection required to be installed on the device which will be used at school?
All laptop/tablet type computers are recommended to have virus protection.

What if a teacher does not allow the device to be used in class?
The teacher has the final say on procedures in the classroom. If he/she asks students to put "devices away" (not to use technological devices), then students are to follow those directions.